Cozy hostel in the center
of Omsk
Rabison Hostel
European hostel format in the very center of Omsk. In walking distance from historical attractions, large shopping and office centers, supermarkets and public transport.
Наши услуги
Personal locker
A convenient place to store personal items, which is locked with a secure lock
Dinner zone
Making your meal enjoyable with new friends – easy
The opportunity to work at the folding table with an individual lamp
Keeping up with the news is convenient via wireless wi-fi, available anywhere in our hostel
Towel and bedding
Snow-white bedding and a towel are included in the room rate
Shower rooms
We have separate shower rooms, you do not have to waste time in line
Guest Reviews
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Rules of Accommodation
Check-in / Check-out time
  1. Check-in time at the Hostel is 14.00; check-out time is 12.00. Early check-ins and late check-outs are to be agreed with the Administrator well in advance and are charged additionally.
  2. In case of an early check-in, a guest may start using the kitchen, leave their belongings with the Administrator or in the Luggage room, take a walk around the city, or relax in the Living room before occupying his/her room.
  1. Payment for the whole stay is made in full at the time of arrival.
  2. Both cash and cashless payments are possible.
Tidiness in the Rooms
  1. Guests must maintain tidiness in the Rooms (arrange personal items neatly in the room, throw garbage in the trash cans) and keep the Hostel premises clean, incl. dormitories/private rooms, common areas (living room, bathroom, corridor), entrance and parking areas;
  1. After a meal, guests must wash their dishes and store them in the designated places. It is not allowed to leave food in pots, pans and other utensils on a common kitchen table;
Quiet time
  1. Making noise and disquieting the Hostel guests on weekdays from 22:00 to 08:00, on holidays and weekends from 23:00 to 09:00 in forbiden
Guests are prohibited from:
  1. bringing and running unauthorized persons who do not live in the Hostel;
  2. violating public order, shouting, using foul language, insulting, showing racial or other intolerance;
  3. drinking alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages in the Rooms, staying at the Hostel in an intoxicated state;
  4. using/distributing narcotic, psychotropic substances, alcoholic beverages;
  5. smoking in the Rooms of the Hostel;
  6. rearranging furniture in the Rooms and public spaces;
  7. eating in the Rooms, taking dishes from the kitchen to the Rooms;
  8. using electric heaters in the rooms (kettles, irons, boilers and other similar electrical equipment);
  9. storing in the Hostel any explosive and flammable materials, weapons, narcotic and/or psychotropic substances, chemical and/or radioactive devices and/or any other item prohibited by law for storage and distribution;
  10. staying at the Hostel with domestic, wild animals and/or birds;
  11. making noise and disquieting the Hostel guests on weekdays from 22:00 to 08:00, on holidays and weekends from 23:00 to 09:00.
You can read more about the rules of living
in our hostel via link
+7 (3812) 63 38 39
+7 (960) 989 80 81
Omsk, st. Rabinovich, 91, 1st floor.
Directions from the airport of Omsk to the hostel Rabison:

  1. Bus 17 (Airport stop) - Minibus 414 (Aviation stop) - Frunze stop - 450 meters on foot
  2. Walk 1.7 km - minibus 414 (Aviation stop) - Frunze - walk 450 meters - Hostel Rabison
    Directions from the railway station in Omsk to the hostel Rabison:

    1. Railway station of Omsk - 180 meters on foot - 24.69.110 (railway station stop) - Main Post Office 950 meters on foot - Rabison Hostel
    2. Railway station of Omsk - 180 meters on foot - 32,46,51,79 - Frunze stop (450 meters on foot) - Rabison hostel
      Directions from Bus Station
      To Rabison Hostel:

      1. On foot (520 meters) - bus stop (Lukashevich street) Bus 109, Minibus 307, 470 - stop at the General Post Office - Hostel Rabison
      2. On foot (900 meters) - police school stop (minibus 500) - Frunze stop (450 meters on foot) - Rabison hostel
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